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"I am 53 yrs. old & a former model! I tried your product after receiving it in the mail. Thinking this was probably another hopeless product, but to my shocking surprise, this product is unbelievable. FANTASTIC! THIS IS A DAILY REJUVENATOR for your skin! All my wrinkles or gone each day with your treatments, this breakthrough is truly a blessing for the women and men that can't afford eye or facial surgery!" -E.P., Texas

"I absolutely love your eye serum product. I was contemplating cosmetic eye surgery, but I don't feel I need to with your product. I will definitely be placing more orders for the serum along with some new products based on the positive results I have experienced thus far." - G.L., Website

"Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. But I could not argue with the results I saw on TV: in just 90 seconds, there was actual improvement around the eyes of the models. So I ordered Youthology for myself--especially to remove the puffiness under my eyes. Just as promised, and in 90 seconds, the puffiness disappeared! Incredible! What all my under eye creams and moisturizers have not done, Youthology accomplished in just over a minute! This is truly a fabulous product! Even if you are skeptical, try it. You will not be disappointed!" - A.O., Wisconsin

"I just wanted to let you all know that the product is amazing! I have one eye that is puffy in the under eye area for a long time now. It started due to allergies and it is puffier than the other eye. Nothing makes it go away. I ordered the product, but was skeptical because I had ordered other products before and it did not work. I could not believe it! It really works!! My puffy eye was gone and it makes me look so much younger. As it is, people constantly can't believe me when I tell them how old I am (41) and they always think I am no more than 35. So now without the look of the puffy eyes I definitely look even younger!! I am so happy I tried it. And to think, I was going to pass on it because I was tired of other products and wasting my money. Thank you so much for making this product." - S.M., California

"I am a pharmacist and a "wrinkle cream" skeptic. After thoroughly checking ingredients and mechanism of action, I felt comfortable ordering and trying your product line. I am very pleased with the products and results." - J.F., Website

"Women I have known for years want to know if I've had another face lift. While tempted to tell them this is my natural beauty, I have been honest and have told all of them about Youthology!" - M.B., California

"I have tried everything in the department stores, and even ordered other products from TV, but this stuff is fantastic. My deep wrinkles around my eyes were gone. People at work asked me what l did to make myself look so rested. I am so glad I took one last chance at ordering from TV now I can't wait for the next shipment to get here!!!" - P.W., Winnipeg, Canada

"This eye serum is unbelievable!!!! I thought well I will try this it probably will not work, well I was wrong!!! I could not believe my eyes. It took away all the puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes!!!! I look so much younger!!! I also tried this on my lines and it worked there also!!! I ordered 3 more!!!" - L.F., Florida

"I received this product today and after a long flight from London I looked tired. I put it on and wow! It works it works it works!!!!!! This product is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - M.F., Virginia

"I love the eye serum. I just sweep it on lightly and quickly under my eye, then pat quickly, and let dry (I keep my face expressionless) for 90 seconds. I do one eye at a time. My bags and wrinkles definitely look reduced. It also works great on my "turkey neck." I sweep it across my neck underneath my chin, pat, and let dry. - F.W.,